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Gamification improves Customer Service and CX

This article was originally published in the Italian online magazine CMI · 17 JULY 2017

Improving the quality of a service and customer experience can be as easy as playing a game. Transcom Italia has recently introduced a gamification project to improve Customer Care, technical and commercial support, up-selling and cross-selling quality, efficiency, and performance by applying the logic and mechanics of video games

Transcom Champs: improving services and performance through gamification

Transcom Champs is a browser game designed to train new employees, test their skills, and improve the personnel’s performance through a series of challenges in the form of a timed quiz. The program includes warm-ups, challenges, teams, tournaments, trophies, and scores, which engage the personnel and stimulate competition and the will to achieve excellent results (and have them acknowledged).

The challenges focus on KPIs defined by clients, technical expertise, operating procedures, and soft skills for customer care jobs.

This tool is particularly effective for promptly identifying the areas of improvement of each team or individual and intervening effectively to fill any gap.

Transcom Champs was launched in May with a pilot project involving the front-end personnel dedicated to two important Italian clients in the telco and finance sectors. The employees involved were enthusiastic about it.

This entire path creates a virtuous system, which increases the efficiency of the employees in a fun, stimulating, and relaxing way and helps achieve better results than with traditional training. Moreover, this system provides additional benefits, such as employee satisfaction. This is the very purpose of gamification,” said Andreas Biondi,  Transcom's Country Manager. “In a field like Customer Care, benefits such as efficiency and the happiness of employees blend perfectly and support each other. This way, an employee quickly acquires the required skills and is relaxed and happy, thereby providing a better service”.