Transcom’s and Contact Centres’ perspectives according to Gianluca Gemma - Transcom
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Transcom’s and Contact Centres’ perspectives according to Gianluca Gemma

This article was originally published in the Italian online magazine CMI · 30 MARCH 2017

We had the chance to sit down for a chat with Gianluca Gemma - General Manager for Central and Southern Europe (Italy, Germany, Poland, Tunisia, Hungary, Croatia, and Serbia) and CFO of Transcom’s Continental Europe Business Unit  – who shared his thoughts about Transcom’s activities and the features and changes that are involving outsourced contact centres.

Gemma started his career in Transcom in 2012 as the Head of Finance in Luxembourg. Since then he has covered increasingly important positions, always in the finance area, thereby gaining the expertise to handle the dynamics of the Group’s various departments and manage his current position. Gemma’s previous work experiences include companies, such as Falck Renewables SpA, H3G, Prada, Price Waterhouse Coopers and the Unipol Group.

We asked Gemma to describe the current situation in the Contact Centre market.

“The Industry is going through a transformation and consolidation phase. Synergistic mergers are meeting the need for continuity and reliability, without forgetting the labour market, while optimising resource management. All this, in consideration of the transformations related to technological innovation. In Italy, recent regulatory changes can become an opportunity. The Italian market is everything but blocked. But it’s important to develop the right skills to handle customers’ needs and requests more profitably.”

Can you outline the offering and services in this sector?

“Labour cost in Italy is quite high compared to other EU countries, and the offering of quality services is mainly concentrated in sectors that have the resources to ensure them, e.g. banking, insurance, Telco and, recently, pharmaceuticals, which is becoming a very promising sector indeed. The digitalization and innovation process is continuing, so it’s important not to propose standard solutions to clients. In other words, you can’t meet and interpret clients’ and users’ actual needs without a prior in-depth analysis. We at Transcom believe that this digitalization phase is important for ‘human’ services. Technology needs to be used to improve and integrate basic services to improve their quality. That’s why Transcom is also focusing on the innovation of internal processes to improve the efficiency and quality of the services we provide.”

This past year has been full of milestones and changes for Transcom. Its reorganisation, started in 2016, has led to the creation of the new Continental Europe business unit, as well as an expansion of its footprint with two new branches in Europe; they also won the first prize in the Customer Service Management category at the 2017 Club CMMC awards. This award aims at promoting excellence in activities carried out to improve corporate organisation, develop partnerships, and innovate customer relationship management. The first prize was won thanks to their client  (you can read more about them here).

“At Transcom, we are also working to improve agents’ engagement through gamification activities, which are turning out to be an effective boost. But we are also focusing on other innovative services, which are particularly useful for reducing expansion costs, covering seasonal peaks, and completing the range of services in the languages for which the recruitment process is more complex. We are also enhancing our multilingual services to provide support in 14, 15, 16 languages from one website, without having to fragment the service in different countries. This will allow us to ensure a high-quality, consistent service. As for our partnerships, we will keep teaming up with strategic players to consolidate our presence in the market and provide customised services for new industries.”