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An accountability model to increase Customer Satisfaction

This article was originally published in the Italian online magazine CMI· 14 NOVEMBER 2016

Transcom is managing from Lecce and Tunis the Customer Care activities for a major company providing online payment solutions. Over the past 8 years, this partnership has grown stronger, and now we can provide customer support in Italian, French, English, and Arabic. In addition to the number of languages, this service stands out for the accountability model it adopts, which is giving excellent results. In fact, our Lecce team turned out to be the best in the world for customer satisfaction, topping the ranking of the 40 call centres that operate for this client.

A new accountability model: the inverted pyramid

The inverted pyramid is an innovative model for managing customer service. It promotes employee empowerment actions and aims at delegating the responsibility for user satisfaction to the front line, i.e. to the people who interact with consumers on a daily basis. The Middle Management plays a supporting and monitoring role to solve customers’ problems more easily and help the front line provide the best customer service possible. Team Leaders become coaches to assist the front line more effectively.

Our client, whose cooperation was essential, fully supports this bold and innovative approach. This excellent performance is the result of the passion and expertise of our staff and the entire organisation. And that’s what makes this accountability model so successful.

But what does accountability mean?

The focus has shifted from the responsibilities for the activities carried out to achieve certain results to the specific and transparent definition of the results that shape expectations and based on which the responsibilities will be evaluated. The definition of targets is the means to ensure accountability.

The beating heart of this model is a genuine passion for our customers, and that’s what has made our region excel in delivery and customer satisfaction.