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Transcom Italia launches a gamification project that increases service quality and improves the user experience

June 2017

Gamification is the application of game logic and mechanisms to other fields, for the purposes of engaging with people and conveying specific messages to them in an efficient and agreeable way.

In an ongoing quest for innovative tools to improve the Customer Experience of users of the services it provides, Transcom Italia has developed “Transcom Champs”, a Gamification project addressed to improving quality, efficiency and performance in all the customer care, technical/commercial assistance, upselling and cross selling activities that Transcom manages for Clients.

Transcom Champs is a browser game designed to train new recruits, test their skills and improve the performance of operating personnel through a series of challenges that take the form of timed quizzes. The inclusion of specific gamification components makes this software a real game and not just a questionnaire. It features alliances, challenges, teams, tournaments, trophies and a points system, which engage with personnel on an emotional level, stimulating their competitive spirit and their ambition to achieve and obtain recognition for excellent operating results.

The challenges are based on the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) defined by Transcom clients, as well as in the areas of technical skills, operating procedures and the soft skills typically required in customer care services. The tool has shown itself to be particularly effective at quickly identifying the areas of improvement for each team or individual, allowing highly effective action to be taken to fill any gaps.

In May, Transcom launched a pilot for front-end personnel working on two important Client accounts in the telecommunications and financial services sectors in Italy. Right from launch week, all the employees involved showed an incredible sense of enthusiasm. Many of them even accessed the web platform from home or using their mobile devices, so they could repeat the challenge and try to earn their way to the top of the rankings.

Beyond improving operating efficiency, the new Transcom Champs platform improves both workers’ satisfaction and their commitment, which translates into top level service for users.

The browser game can be fully customized according to specific needs and priorities, making it possible to:

  • Improve performance in terms of effectiveness and quality;

  • Increase up and cross selling volumes;

  • Increase the level of specialization and expertise in systems, processes, procedures and communication skills;

  • Improve employees’ attitude to the company and their work;

  • Increase motivation;

  • Increase employees’ loyalty to the company.