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About us

Transcom is operating in Poland out of three locations: the company started its operations in Olsztyn in 2003 while the Gdansk site opened in 2007. In June 2016 we inaugurated our third site in Bialystok in order to meet the growing demand of the domestic market. Transcom Poland employs more than 1,200 customer experience specialists who support clients operating in Poland and abroad in 15 languages: nearly all European idioms plus Turkish and Chinese.

In recent years, Transcom Poland has developed into an appreciated multi-language hub to better serve its International Clients. In fact, there's no better place to do that than Gdańsk, since this city offers a great access to a large number of highly educated and linguistically skilled candidates, who are proficient in English, German, Iberian, Russian, French, Italian and Scandinavian languages.

The portfolio of Transcom’s clients in Poland includes companies from the following industries:

Home appliances

Two of the largest home appliance multinationals are served by Transcom multilingual hub in Poland. Transcom is responsible for customer service and technical assistance in several languages. We have also set up a showroom with all our client’s products (washing machines, microwave ovens, TV sets, etc…) directly in the contact center in order to let the agents directly access the real product and better assist the customers.

Financial Services

In this sector, we work with one of the largest banks in the Polish market. We provide services for the sale of banking products, managing the whole process starting from the provision of a target database to document flow supervision (after sales processes).


We have extensive experience in this industry, and are currently cooperating on a large scale with the fastest-growing company in the sector. We offer them a wide range of services, including customer care, new customer acquisition and retention, up & cross sales, technical support, claims handling and other back office tasks.


We are currently working with one of the most famous car brands in the world. Transcom is responsible for the full customer management cycle and coordinates dealer activities, after-sales services and numerous marketing campaigns.

Publishing /Copyright

We have extensive experience in the publishing industry. For several years, we have run sales projects for companies engaged in both fully commercial and educational activities. We also provide services to copyright broker for the U.S. and German markets, using channels of communication such as telephone, e-mail and chat.

Sport / Entertainment

We work with some sports clubs providing them with customer care services and support to several marketing campaigns.


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