22 June 2023

Be a hero of the AI revolution. - guest blog by Jonas Dahlberg, CEO.

Jonas Dahlberg, CEO

CX professionals are facing a unique opportunity. It’s an opportunity for professional renewal and excitement and an opportunity for executive attention and elevation. It’s an opportunity to become the hero. 

We’ve heard this before. What’s different now?

Well, there’s been a lot of hype around AI for a long time and many disappointments. These disappointments even have a name, called “AI winters”. I’ve experienced it myself. Back at university in 1997, I studied artificial intelligence, including neural networks, deep learning, and a lot of buzzwords that are flying around today. But the technology failed to deliver, and personally, I got very disillusioned. 

But this time is different. With Generative AI and the new breed of Large Language Models, AI has reached a tipping point and now bears all hallmarks of being a truly disruptive technology. Like the T-Ford, the Mosaic web browser, and the iPhone. Disruptive technologies change the world forever. There’s a clear “before” and an “after”. 

Moreover, CX is in the limelight of this disruption. Analysts and consultants unanimously point to CX as one of the industries with the most potential to benefit from AI. At Transcom, we agree and believe that AI could revolutionize our industry. And we believe that the CX profession has a unique opportunity to become the pioneer in the broader AI revolution. 

We believe that AI has the potential to create a new superhuman customer experience. Providing a step-change in efficiency, availability, and quality. But also an experience more human than ever. And generating additional revenue and insights for businesses.

The use cases are already here. Better bots, that are more accurate and easier to deploy. Co-pilot solutions trained on unstructured knowledge bases, helping agents to quickly find information and solve problems, while being able to focus the attention on the customer. Translation services that allow your agents to support customers in any language. Interaction analytics, supporting coaching, and generating additional insights. Just to name some of the most important use cases. 

Boards and executives around the world are scrambling to learn and respond to AI. And anyone who can make real value out of AI has the potential to become a hero of this revolution. 

But what if you don’t know much about AI? Firstly, most people only have 6 months of relevant knowledge, so very few can truly label themselves experts. There’s still time to catch up and get ahead of the curve. Just go all in, and invest your personal time to learn and experiment. It’s bound to be rewarding. But I also believe there’s a flip side. We all need to learn this, or we’ll get obsolete in a couple of years. We need to rejuvenate ourselves and foster a new generation of AI-proficient CX professionals. 

In the AI revolution, Transcom wants to drive change as true revolutionaries, being on the barricades with you. We know customer experience and we know your customers. We’re not married to any particular products, hence you can trust us to pick the best solution for you. We will be your advisor, integrator, and transformation partner, helping you to implement AI solutions that will drive real value. 

Buckle up and enjoy the ride! There’s so much to look forward to on the horizon.

Jonas Dahlberg, President & CEO of Transcom

Written by Jonas Dahlberg, CEO at Transcom

Jonas Dahlberg joined Transcom in June 2019 as Chief Financial Officer, and was promoted to President & CEO in January 2020. Before joining Transcom, Jonas was the CFO for Sweco Group. He was previously President for Sweco Russia and Sweco's director for business development. Before joining Sweco in 2008, Jonas was Associate Principal at McKinsey & Company.

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