Risk and Compliance Manager - Davao, Philippines

Location: Philippines, Davao

Job category: Operations


Transcom is looking for talented individuals like you to join our awesome team! Be the next Risk and Compliance Manager for our Transcom Davao site.

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Join our Transcom Family as a Risk and Compliance Manager!

The Manager - Risk & Compliance, as a member of the Risk Group, fulfills a support function within the Transcom organization. 

Responsible for supporting the business in assigned areas of Transcom’s Compliance with laws relating to sales, telemarketing, debt collections, outbound IVR, and email. The Manager, Risk & Compliance will report to the Head of Risk in the Global English Region.

He/She will be responsible for:
  • Conducting audit and risk assessment on contractual agreements (e.g. client, service providers, lease contracts) to identify potential risks that may affect the reputation, safety, security, financial sustainability, and existence of the organization.  
  • Educating the business on relevant compliance areas, and providing recommendations on practical actions to maintain compliance. 
  • Partnering with the business to identify and proactively limit risks in relevant compliance areas at the campaign, client, country, and region levels within North America, South America, the UK, and Asia, providing recommendations to achieve this result.
  • Identifying exemptions for cost savings, and assessing expected compliance cost for bid pricing.
  • Helping to ensure Transcom is in a position to defend itself from consumer and regulatory complaints in relevant areas by partnering with external Legal Counsel, Client Operations, IT, Telecom, and Development peers for necessary actions and proactive management of complaints. 
  • Relieving the business and Executives of administrative duties related to Transcom’s ongoing compliance with relevant areas, such as completion of relevant forms for sales license applications and renewals.

Description of Role and Objectives

The primary objective is to provide recommendations or solutions to ensure that the Region remains Compliant with all laws relating to sales, do not call/marketing opt-out, telemarketing, debt collections, outbound IVR, and email compliance. These areas are highly regulated in North America and Australia. It is also increasingly regulated worldwide with financial, contractual, reputational, and operational risks. In addition, this role must work to achieve a highly cost-effective and stable structure using the best practice business processes and approaches enabling highly efficient and accountable operations. 

This will be achieved by liaising with external legal counsel as necessary, as well as using past experience and research skills to translate compliance requirements into practical actions to be recommended to the business, including, the following key focus areas:

Business Support – Risk & Compliance

  • Shares  in the day-to-day and ad-hoc workload with the Risk and Compliance team 
  • Manages and responds to complaints from consumers relating to relevant areas with the goal of resolving issues and avoiding regulatory escalation / legal action.
  • Saves fees on legal costs where possible by researching related laws and best practices, providing recommendations to the business, and translating requirements into practical requirements (new and existing campaigns/changes in law)
  • Consults with external legal counsel as needed for relevant areas, maintaining cost-savings wherever possible
  • Attends meetings to represent and speak for the department as necessary, gather information to assess and advise on practical compliance requirements.
  • Monitors relevant enforcement actions, new / changing laws, and best practices to direct team and business on related compliance matters, and recommends actions as necessary to protect Transcom from related risk.
  • Partners with Operations, Client Delivery, Project Managers, Coordinators, IT, Telecom, and Development to help ensure new / existing campaigns and technology used, such as dialers, comply with relevant laws.
  • Respond to, investigate, and actions business escalations and regulator complaints within relevant areas.
  • Renews and pays for all necessary DNC list fees, sales/telemarketing registrations, and licenses for the US, Canada, UK, South America, New Zealand, and Australia based on applicable customer residency and campaign specifics.
  • Reviews potential campaigns within the bidding process to assess compliance cost and manpower needs to assist in accurate pricing to help maintain Transcom’s profitability. 
  • Partners with the business to identify technical or process challenges that impact Transcom’s compliance in relevant areas and help find appropriate solutions to resolve challenges / avoid in future
  • Reviews and approves “non-standard” campaigns for launch and shares workload with team on “standard” campaigns.
  • Non-standard campaigns include but aren’t limited to those which require in-depth assessment such as U.S. outbound calling, or where the client is challenging existing compliance processes. 
  • Standard campaigns are those which are similar to work being done today by the business in compliance requirements, and are require less analysis of relevant laws. 
  • To analyse, document, govern and develop processes in line with Transcom strategy and to support their implementation
  • To evaluate and deliver relevant compliance analysis to justify implementation or redesign of Transcom processes and projects within agreed timescales and budget

Communication and Culture

  • To educate the business on relevant areas and ensure awareness of policies / procedures applicable to compliance. 
  • To act with an open and energetic culture in the organisation
  • To lead by example and to empower other Transcom employees, where feasible, to address compliance concerns quickly and efficiently  to reduce client and consumer frustration
  • To act as a supportive, strong and credible influence
  • To act as an ambassador within Transcom, selling and promoting projects, processes and procedures
  • To keep the team and organisation informed about assignments, progress made through usage of the appropriate feedback and reporting tools
  • To provide escalation to management whenever appropriate

Development and improvement

  • To suggest proactive and new development ideas and to give full support on all agreed  projects within the company
  • To provide ongoing support to Transcom Operations and act as an analyst of relevant compliance processes, systems, benchmarks, and to ensure training, when needed, in order to secure ongoing improvements
  • To support other team members with their respective assignments
  • To always meet or exceed commitments when engaged in projects
  • To identify value-added opportunities to increase client revenues and work with the business in their implementation
  • To support the development of win-win client solutions
  • Attend industry webinars and events to maintain up-to-date knowledge in relevant areas
  • Monitor relevant industry updates to maintain up-to-date knowledge


  • To support internal and external Best Practice by ensuring the transfer of relevant collected knowledge for the business at all times
  • To maintain company, market and industry best practices awareness, following operational development, in order to make sure that Transcom development is consistent and in a leading position 
  • To maintain excellent knowledge of the CRM industry and process/technology practices

What we are looking for:

To be successful in this role you must…

  • Have strong practical knowledge on laws relevant to sales, telemarketing, debt collections, IVR, and email compliance in client-customer areas (preferably/particularly U.S., Canada, South America, UK and Australia).
  • Have the ability to read and understand laws in the related areas, and the ability to help translate these into practical actions for the business to comply with.
  • Have the ability to initially assess campaigns and concerns to formulate relevant questions for external legal counsel in an efficient manner, with the goal of maintaining cost / time savings.
  • Have a strong attention to detail and be process-driven
  • Have experience with process design, analysis, and assessment
  • Have the ability to work in a fast-paced environment under pressure, with multiple competing priorities and deadlines
  • Have working knowledge and significant experience on implementing ISO 31000: Risk Management 
  • Have a good understanding of BPO best practice and systems, particularly outbound diallers (preferably experience with Altitude). 
  • Have very strong documentation skills
  • Have communications, organization, and implementation skills
  • Have strong analytical skills
  • Have good knowledge in standard MSOffice applications and the ability to stay organized with multiple competing priorities
  • Be fluent in English (both written and oral)

It will help if you:

  • Have experience with IT and/or business analysis
  • Are able to summarize complex matters into clear outlines, and able to provide clear options with recommended solutions 
  • Have completed college courses relating to Corporate law, Business law, Regulatory law 
  • Have experience using compliance guides such as DNC.com or Pace Regulatory Guide (preferred)
  • Have worked for a CRM outsource business, CMS business or related technology business
  • Hold CRM or business administration qualifications (preferred)

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