Code of Business Conduct and Supplier Code of Business Conduct

Transcom’s Code of Business Conduct serves to guide Transcom’s employees to act in accordance with our company’s values, responsibilities, and ethical obligations. The Code of Business Conduct is based on 13 principles covering human rights, labor rights, environmental issues, and anti-corruption. It is owned by the Board of Directors, and is revised on an annual basis. Our policies help us mitigate emerging risks and keep up with expectations from our stakeholders.

Introduction to the Code of Business Conduct is included in every employee’s onboarding. To ensure compliance with the code, we currently do a refresh training every second year, where all staff must go through a web-based training course including all principles from the Business Code of Conduct as well as a number of hypothetical situations to prepare employees for real life cases. In the end of the training everyone has to pass a quiz to show that they have gotten a proper understanding of the code.

To ensure that Transcom’s suppliers are compliant with human rights, labor and social standards, anti-discrimination and anti-corruption policies, and environmentally responsible processes, Transcom has implemented a Supplier Code of Business Conduct. The Board of Directors is the policy owner and the Head of Procurement is responsible for annually updating the code. The Supplier Code of Business Conduct is part of every major procurement process. Transcom monitors the implementation of the code by sending out self-assessment questionnaires to relevant suppliers on a yearly basis. Audits of specific suppliers may also occur.



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