Community engagement

Employees at Transcom have always been engaged and contributed to building strong communities. With our longstanding program, Transcom Cares, we want to actively facilitate employee’s community engagement. It is apparent that Transcom Cares not only contribute to a better society at large but also increases the well-being and commitment of our own employees. Simply put, community engagement is part of Transcom’s DNA. This year has been filled with many heartfelt Transcom Cares initiatives. Some remarkable examples from around the world are:

The Great Transcom Bake Off

In the Netherlands, our Dutch Transcom team initiated the first ever Transcom Bake Off. The contest served as a fundraiser for the Animal Ambulance. Transcom employees took part in the competition, which tested every aspect of their baking skills and were judged by a professional jury. The cakes were rated on taste, texture, presentation and creativity. The jury was impressed by the participants’ creativity and praised their commitment to help the volunteers at the Animal Ambulance. The money raised through the contest was gladly doubled by Transcom Netherland. Transcom is happy to support the Animal Ambulance, which picks-up sick and wounded animals to an animal shelter where devoted volunteers help and care for the animal.

Transcom Vilnius supports fundraising initiatives for children with cancer

In Lithuania, around 100 children under the age of 18 are diagnosed with cancer every year. This does not only affect the child, but the whole family. Unfortunately, only one parent can live with the child when in the hospital, which can cause even more stress on the family. To simplify these family’s situations Transcom supported the building of a home where families can stay together while their child is being treated for cancer. The home is located near the biggest oncological center in Lithuania. On top of the medical care from pediatricians, pain specialists, medics and oncologists the children will also be provided with access to different art and music therapies. The aim with the home is to help families both physically and emotionally during the child’s cancer treatment.

Transcom Philippines empower children in need

Transcom in the Philippines has enhanced their program together with STEPS School Worldwide Familia Mission in Bohol and Manila by volunteering and donating school supplies. STEPS School Worldwide Familia Mission strives to help improve the quality of life for poor and underprivileged children through different educational programs mainly focusing on organic farming. By providing educational opportunities Transcom is helping to empower children and facilitate a better future for the students at the school. 

Financial relief to hurricane victims

Last year was an extremely harsh hurricane season. In the beginning  of September, Hurricane Irma crossed the Caribbean and US, followed by Hurricane Maria, causing immense damage and being two of the costliest hurricanes in the Caribbean on record. After the catastrophic situation caused by the hurricanes, Transcom in the US started a relief fund to help the victims by collecting money for the employees affected by the hurricanes.

Innovative community impact in Croatia 

Transcom Croatia has several successful volunteering initiatives. In Vukovar, Croatia, Transcom employees are engaged in “Vukovar Butterflies” (Vukovarski leptirići), which is a humanitarian association for children with disabilities. Since there is no guaranteed treatment and support for these children in need of healthcare in Croatia, Transcom employees, parents and volunteers decided to support the organization through sales of creative artwork. Every Christmas and Easter Transcom’s call center in Osijek acts as a showcase for selling the creations. All of the sales provisions goes to Vukovar Butterflies, which helps paying medical treatments for the children, utility bills, volunteer training, and set up playrooms. Besides the sales of creative artwork Transcom also donates funds to the  organization to be able to buy didactic toys to improve the children’s cognitive abilities.

Employees at Transcom’s second call center in Pula are actively participating in different volunteering initiatives. For example, Transcom started an important collaboration with the Red Cross in Pula focusing on various local community projects to clean up the coastal area, sports activities at the homeless shelter, donation of clothes and sales of Christmas decorations at the Red Cross Advent. 

Transcom Italy gives a helping hand to refugee children

Transcom in Italy is proud to participate in several UNICEF volunteer initiatives. In May 2017 a large number of employees participated in the fundraising “The Orchid of UNICEF” through selling orchids. The money from the sales was used to help migrant and refugee children, victims of violence and poverty in countries hit by war. Through a simple flower, Transcom employees were determined to help save the lives of thousands of migrant children. In December another initiative called “Adopt a pigotta” (Adotta una Pigotta) was initiated by Transcom’s employees where the sales of Rag Dolls that were hand made by our employees were donated to UNICEF.



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