People development

Our employees are at the heart of everything we do. To be able to deliver outstanding customer service an engaged, skilled, and enthusiastic workforce is our backbone. At Transcom we understand the value of supporting high performing employees and retaining our talents. Transcom must also be an attractive workplace to be able to appeal to new talents. Therefore, our goal is to become the number one employer of choice in the industry.

Number of employees


We are highly motivated to offer our employees a stimulating working experience with competitive compensation and robust career development. We offer several programs to continuously improve our employees’ skills and to continue to be a company in the forefront. Throughout the year Transcom has provided a lot of different training programs for our employees. All new hires at Transcom get a new hire training, followed by client related regular updates. Transcom also conduct policy trainings to secure that all employees are aware of how to act in specific situations. Coaching and performance management is also accessible for all Transcom employees. Another highly appreciated virtual training initiative is Transcom University, with online training courses accessible through the intranet. Because of all these training initiatives Transcom is able to inspire learning, advance knowledge, and foster innovation.

Career development 

To give our employees the opportunity to grow at Transcom we have a clearly defined career progression, either as a line manager or in a specialist role. We are happy to see that many of our managers began their work at Transcom as agents or in junior support roles. Through our internal career and leadership programs we are able to transform our employees to excellent future leaders. Because of this we are able to focus on internal recruiting.  

Transcom's Performance Management Program

In order to be able to support our team member’s journey to perform to their fullest potential and shine in their respective roles Transcom has a Performance Management Program. Together managers and team members work to plan, manage and evaluate employees’ work objectives and overall goals and contribution to Transcom’s operations. The program includes clear goals and objectives at the start of the performance cycle, customized performance oriented training for team members and resources needed to do their jobs as well  as focusing on coaching and giving feedback to evaluating the progress made in an annual performance review.





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