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THE TRAVEL SECTOR: improving customer experience through automation and monitoring


Managing a company’s internal activities may affect the relationship with the customer. Understanding how to improve efficiency both ways becomes an important challenge, also thanks to technology in the form of automation and monitoring processes.

The customer

Lastminute.com is a leading company in the Online Travel Agency sector. Its multi-channel offering over a network of platforms records up to 14,000 transactions a day. Transcom has been assisting this client since 2009, providing a 24h service in 13 languages, thereby covering 35 countries. With such a high number of transactions, organising the work flow becomes paramount. However, lastminute.com’s management methods did generate some inefficiency.

In particular:

in customer support processes, back office activities were mainly carried out manually, causing waste of time, unorganised order processing priorities, and high error rates resulting in penalties and service disruptions;

there wasn’t a monitoring system for collecting data regarding work processes and analysing them to improve and optimise the service.

The solution

Transcom has helped improve the efficiency of lastminute.com’s customer care processes by developing tailor-made solutions to meet specific needs. In particular:

in collaboration with their partner, Datachronic, Transcom has integrated a web platform to automate order processing. This platform is set according to lastminute.com’s business rules. It establishes priorities and assigns tasks to operators, providing them with a user-friendly interface, which checks the fields filled out manually and warns about any error or discrepancy.

Transcom introduced lastminute.com to the Transcom Quality Centre to gather and classify all the data received from the monitoring activities. This customisable system creates easy-to-read reports, which analyse the strengths and weaknesses of every project, team, or operator. In lastminute.com’s case, Transcom has created detailed scorecards divided by activities, tasks, and market. This way, performances are monitored, and action can be taken to ensure continuous improvement.

The results

All these actions have created a synergy that has improved both the company’s internal efficiency and customer experience. The automated processing platform has:

helped handle back office volumes more effectively;

allowed team leaders to improve time management, allocating more time to other important activities (quality, team and resource management);

reduced the number of errors by up to 20 percentage points, thanks to real-time analyses. All this has resulted in fewer penalties, a better service, and improved customer satisfaction.

In fact, the CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) constantly increased during the period in which the Transcom Quality Centre was activated. Based on the existing bonus and penalties system, the current CSI levels place Transcom between the target and bonus area.

The process innovations introduced in lastminute.com’s customer service and quality control system have earned Transcom Italia the award for the best Customer Service Management 2017 from a panel of Italian Customer Relations experts (Club Cmmc).