Telecommunications & Media

Transcom’s heritage lies in the highly competitive telecommunications industry, where we have fine tuned our ability to manage extreme volume peaks and troughs and to support highly complex sales, service and collection functions, for increasingly demanding customer bases. Telecommunications & Media clients demand business partners with a proven ability to protect relationships and revenue streams by attracting, retaining and growing customers.

Our clients include some of the world’s largest mobile network operators, ISPs, cable companies and online video streaming service providers. Competitive pressure in this industry is higher than ever, and acquiring new customers can be costly. In order to differentiate in an increasingly commoditized market, improving customer experience is a very high priority for our clients.

Consumer demands and expectations are rapidly changing. Transcom customer experience solutions are highly flexible and adaptable, leveraging actionable insights across multiple channels to identify patterns in consumer behavior. We respond with service design and delivery changes that reduce the likelihood of poor customer experiences.