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Przemyslaw Wlodarczyk Feb 26th, 2014

Transcom Poland delivers top-level customer service to mobile operator

In the difficult battle for market leadership big companies, global corporations and well-known corporate brands more and more often recognise that customer satisfaction is the base for the very existence of their enterprises. Without focusing on the individual needs of each client, they will not achieve a sustainable and competitive market position. For Transcom Worldwide, increasing the level of customer satisfaction of our business partners’ clients is our top priority. Since 2007, we are responsible for providing customer care for the fastest growing mobile operator in Poland, with over 10 million users. Our main objective was to establish “Best Customer Service” as a trademark for this company. After 6 years of cooperation, we can proudly say that we have been able not only to beat that challenge but also to provide customer support at the best possible level. In 2012, our client received the second straight Gold Standard award in the category of “Mobile Telephone Operators” for an above-average customer satisfaction level, tested through a professional and independent market survey. Furthermore, for the fifth time in a row, it has been placed among the TOP 100 Most Friendly Companies in Poland. This award was presented by the consumer community of the Service Quality Program survey panel, which has been monitoring the customer satisfaction levels in Poland since 2008. Customer Operation Director of the company said: “Thanks to Transcom, we are able to provide our customers with top-level service quality, and now we can plan our costs in a more flexible manner. In this way, we have gained another competitive advantage over our rivals. We handle our work with passion. We are convinced that Transcom’s agents treat their jobs in the same way. We are glad to have the opportunity to work together.” To summarise, at Transcom Poland we are capable of providing excellent customer experience to our clients at the highest possible level. I am sure that in the future, this mobile operator will continue to receive awards for their exceptional customer service.


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