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Najla Jemel May 9th, 2014

Transcom Tunisia 2013 Awards – Proud of our people and corporate culture

Recognition for a job well done is a key element in Transcom Tunisia’s corporate culture. In this context the company launched an internal competition to award the top three agents during 2013. Each Business Unit had to select two agents that their team leader presented to a Special Committee with Business Managers, HR Manager, BST Coordinator, and IT Manager as well as the Country Operations Director. The selection was made based on multiple criteria including, but not limited to, quality and productivity targets set by the company’s clients, the agent’s history, behavioral approach, and manager’s audit. Each team leader made a presentation of his/her selected agent demonstrating all the above mentioned points as well as the reasons to why the jury should vote for that specific agent. In February, the winners were announced during a kick off dinner that took place at hotel in Tunis. The event included a Greek theme with live band music where all the participants in the competition enjoyed dinner and drinks in a friendly atmosphere. Collectif des nominés

The winners were rewarded and congratulated for their achievements. On third position was the agent Issam Gdayem, the second position was attributed to the agent Abir Aydi and on top of the podium was the agent Thouraya Nefzi who won a trip to Paris for two persons. Thouraya has been working for Transcom for 7 years. She was selected as the agent of the year 2013 thanks to her professional talents, knowledge, cooperative behavior, team work spirit as well as the respect of the company’s values. Transcom Tunisia’s people showed, again, an example of team work and fair competition that is being praised by the company’s direction. Together we work, together we win.

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