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Monica Llagostera Jul 31st, 2013

Breaking barriers: Transcom incorporates six visually impaired agents in Chile

Within the framework of the Agora project and in collaboration with local and national Chilean authorities, Transcom has launched the selection, training and incorporation of people with visual impairment in its center in Concepción, Chile. So far, we have hired six blind officers. Currently performing back-office tasks, the new agents are working in an environment suited to their abilities and under the same conditions as their peers. They have all adapted perfectly to their roles and are contributing to a more open and inclusive work environment that transcends their own team.

The new Transcom agents with their diplomas

In the words of Andrea Santibañez, head of HR at Transcom in Chile, "this project is proving successful and we intend to repeat the experience in the future, both at our center in Concepción and in Valdivia. In fact, Transcom has been present in the I Employment for people with disabilities Fair, which took place during the month of April, providing information about the company and receiving resumes" Transcom's initiative has been well-covered in local press and TV.

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