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Agustín Romero Nov 29th, 2013

Building effective teams at Transcom Isla Sicilia

The importance of the employees to any company's success is something that is indisputable. Having teams of motivated and conscientious people is absolutely key to achieving the goals in each of our client projects. The maturity of our employees, their ability to deal with the daily challenges and their attitude toward life and work are aspects that we have decided to address within our training programs at Transcom Isla Sicilia. That is why, in addition to the typical training in product knowledge and sales, we carry out “Self-motivation workshops” specifically aimed at agents and team leaders of sales campaigns. The main objectives of these workshops are:

  • Release of negative mental attitudes.
  • Responsibility for individual actions.
  • Reinforce individual and team commitment.
  • Knowledge and experience sharing in a fun atmosphere.

Teambuilding session at Transcom Isla Sicilia

Concepts such as dependence, interdependence, and teamwork are an important part of the course, encouraging knowledge sharing and team building.

Team Leader's training course

It is all about reinforcing the idea that we can take responsibility for our actions and results only by being aware of our own capabilities, and by maintaining an open attitude. Only through our own independence can we build interdependence between the members of the team, which is essential to achieving our clients’ goals and objectives.

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