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Joseph Roc Oct 7th, 2014

Celebrating three years of providing quality childcare to our employees

The Transcom Child Care Center recently celebrated its third anniversary with a party for our children and their parents. The day care center was established to help our employees, especially single parents, by looking after their children while they work. In accordance with the theme of "Family", we invited one of our employees to share with the children the nature of their parents' work during the "My Call Center Experience" presentation. The highlight of the event was a talent contest in which both the parents and their children participated.


Benefits of Day Care

As we celebrate three years of providing quality assistance and a child-friendly environment, we asked our married and single-parent employees to share how the Transcom Child Care Center has helped them through the years. Sarahlyn Baliad used to bring her three kids to work since they don't have a nanny. After being exposed to other kids, Sarahlyn's kids met new friends and found the day care center to be an environment conducive to learning, quite different from the outside. "They learned how to value friendship", she shared. This was the first time that she was able to bring her kids to work. She did this to help them understand what she is doing  for a living.

Christine Alvarez reminisces how “it tugs at the heartstrings to see how confident and vibrant these well-cared-for children have grown. They could have just been left at home fiddling with whatever technological gadget money can buy and not be as people-oriented as they are now. This can be attributed to how the Day Care Center partnered with us working parents in raising them.”

Originally planned to be open for six months only, the Child Care Center operations were eventually made permanent due to outstanding support from both the Management and employees. To this day, it is the only facility of its kind inside a BPO in the Philippines. Photos from our event can be accessed at our official Facebook page.

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