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Hartmut Jaschok Nov 26th, 2013

Creating customer experience through effective recruiting

Customer service is the backbone of Transcom, and our customer service specialists are at the front line, creating outstanding customer experiences every day. Having the right people on our teams is imperative to success. Together with our recruiting outsourcing partner in Germany, we have devised a new way of attracting the best candidates for a major global client. Being a global company, we were able to leverage good practices from other parts of our organization, especially from our colleagues in the Netherlands in this case. Literacy tests are one important component of the recruiting strategy we created to attract and select highly talented and educated applicants. An appropriate level of literacy skills is essential to providing a high service level to our global client’s customers. By hiring people who are not just “looking for a job”, we were able to quickly build a top-quality workforce, that was able to reach the targets in the first month of operation.


Being able to identify an adequate number of high-caliber applicants is critical to building a high-performing workforce. Success depends on continuously improving our recruiting practices, with the objective of attracting the most talented customer service representatives, and then making sure that they stay highly motivated and choose to build a career at Transcom.


To motivate our people and stress our team spirit, we put in place many activities. We also try to create a friendly atmosphere outside of working hours. One example is our new Dragon boat Team in Rostock!


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