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Joseph Roc Dec 19th, 2014

A day of hope at an orphanage for sick children

Transcom Cares recently brought 22 volunteers to spend a day with sick children at the Missionaries of Charity Home of Joy for Sick Children. Our volunteers had a humbling experience feeding the children and playing with them.

In addition, Transcom Cares donated food and clothing. Fulfilling their foundress' mission to "help the poor while living among them," the orphanage seeks to take care of the sick and dying children abandoned by their parents. Run by the Order of Missionaries of Charity, and founded by St. Theresa of Calcutta in 1950, the center is now managed by 9 nuns, 25 housemothers, and volunteers. The Missionaries of Charity Home of Joy not just take care of abandoned kids, but also tend to children from very poor families who bring their sick to the nuns. They provide for food and medicines, and parents may visit and take their kids back once cured. collage

This was April Villanueva’s first time to join our outreach program. According to her, the experience taught her to value life and to share all the blessings that she receives. “It was a heartfelt outreach program as the children have been so nice to also spend time with us” she shares. "It was just a 3 hour activity with the kids but it will definitely last a lifetime in my heart" says Kyle M. Corpuz. As someone born and raised in a below average family status in the community, he shares that he also went through the same experience as the children. This has pushed him to volunteer in community services even way back in school. “But this experience I had was just so extraordinary. It was the first time I entered an orphanage and got to see it from the inside. Prior to this, I had watched some footage and documentaries about this. Truly, as I watched them, it somehow moved me and made me more emotional. But when I got to experience it myself, the feeling was so special.” “Seeing little angels smile and appreciate the happiness of being with us was so heartfelt. I can't even contain the emotion I had when I saw some of the sick angels. The realization was just too in-depth that I can't even hold my tears back while I am writing this.”

Kyle feels thankful that he encouraged his team mates to participate in this activity, which made it a more wonderful experience as they were able to help out as a family. Priceless, is the word that best describes the experience of our volunteers.

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