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Agustín Romero Aug 5th, 2014

Delivering the best customer experience through social media channels

At Transcom Isla Sicilia in Spain, our social media customer service team just celebrated its second anniversary. The department’s main priority is to monitor and address all queries and mentions regarding our clients that customers communicate on platforms as Twitter and Facebook. We interact with the active social media users which submit all kind of questions: ranging from queries about products and services, to specific suggestions or claims to which we offer personalized attention. The priority is to listen to the users, help them, and build a trustworthy relationship. Especially in critical cases, where we derive the conversation to an email addressed to the department in order to acquire more information and to guarantee the customer’s data privacy. All responses are coordinated within various internal departments that help us to prepare the accurate answer for the proposed consultation. We also have a toll free number to handle those cases requiring a more detailed treatment.

Social media team Isla Sicilia

Our team is overseen by our client’s community manager, who has established our service’s guidelines. Hand by hand, we keep on working to strengthen our client’s image by caring for their customers in the social media landscape. Recently, we received the following acknowledgement from our client:

"It has been about two years now, which can either be a long or a short time, but you are performing above any community managers in charge of a customer service. It’s thanks to Transcom's good work that our social media service has become the industry’s benchmark it is, and I’m proud of saying so every chance I get. Congratulations and a sincere thank you for the work you do!"

For our part we cannot go without thanking our clients for their trust and continuous encouragement, which for us are the best rewards.

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