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Agustín Romero Nov 8th, 2013

Diversity of cultures and languages enables us to deliver the best service to our clients’ customers

We employ over 650 people at our Madrid center, serving a major player in the Spanish financial sector with a strong international presence. For this client, Transcom manages customer care using traditional communication channels (phone, mail, fax...), but we also handle an increasing demand for Internet Banking services and chat, as well as the newest and booming channel: contacts via various social networks. Every month, Transcom manages several hundreds of thousands of customer contacts in these different channels. Because of our client’s significant global presence, Transcom has established a sizeable multilingual team over the past few years in order to communicate with and serve customers in different languages, including co-official Spanish languages such as Galician, Basque and Catalan. We also have the capability to serve international customers in various other languages.

International team at Transcom

For example, we have a large group of employees who are fluent in the most widely used languages, such as English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. Many of them are native speakers, which gives our center a nice blend of nationalities and cultures, further enriched by our large team of Latin American agents.

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