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Fredis Bikovs May 5th, 2014

Educating students in outstanding customer experience is the key to future business

At Transcom Latvia we have started an initiative with several aims: contributing to society, education and strengthening our brand awareness among potential employees, future managers and entrepreneurs. Recently, we participated in Career Days organized by the Transport and Telecommunications Institute (TSI) in Riga and held a seminar called “Outstanding customer experience – Key to future business”


During our presentation, we discussed several topics with the students:

  • The evolution of customer experience
  • Trends for future customer behaviors and expectations
  • Factors that contribute to an outstanding customer experience
  • How to influence and measure customer experience

At Transcom, we believe that customers are your brand ambassadors and we discussed how to achieve successful cooperation with clients, so that they will strengthen your brand, while enabling the optimization of operations and costs. Moreover, we talked about how to manage customer experience teams in challenging times, when customer expectations are increasing rapidly. We got very good feedback from the students and both me and my colleagues got very inspired by the interesting discussions our presentation sparked. Personally, I strongly believe that educating future professionals is a very important contribution to society and a possibility to generate new innovative ideas together with younger people. At Transcom Latvia, we are really looking forward to organizing more seminars about “Outstanding customer experience” and other topics in local universities in the near future.

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