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Siva Subramaniam Jun 26th, 2014

Employees of Transcom Philippines share their happiness at #TranscomHappy

Filipinos have always been renowned for their hospitality. They are helpful to other people; relatives, friends, neighbors, and even strangers. Today we have 10,000 Filipinos delivering world famous customer service for our clients from our four offices (Manila Edsa, Manila Pasig, Bacolod and Iloilo) in the Philippines EVERYDAY. Transcom is proud to be celebrating 10 years of delivering the world famous service in the Philippines and very proud of our Filipino employees. Keeping with the tradition of being fun and happy people, some of our employees took time out to showcase the idea of fun and happiness at work through the phenomenal song Happy by Pharrell Williams. In valuing the people around us and supporting each other in whatever way possible, we show that more than a team we are a family.

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