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Aldo Defusco Oct 26th, 2016

Empowerment, delegation and control: a model of accountability that increases customer satisfaction

  Transcom manages customer care activities for a global online payment leader from the company’s Lecce and Tunis sites. The partnership has been consolidated over more than eight years spent working together and today we provide assistance to Italian, French, English and Arabic speaking customers. Over and above its multilingual nature, the unusual feature of the service is the model of accountability applied, which is producing such excellent results that our Lecce team tops the world ranking for user satisfaction out of about 40 call centers working for our multinational Client.Accountability01 (1)This innovative customer service management model - the so-called inverted pyramid - promotes corporate empowerment and aims to delegate a significant amount of responsibility for user satisfaction to the front line, or in other words to the operators who work with consumers on a daily basis. Middle management, on the other hand, is assigned a new role, in which it provides support as well as control, in order to facilitate the resolution of customer issues and help the front line offer the best possible assistance service. Team leaders play a coaching role to help agents in the most effective way possible. This bold, innovative approach has received the full backing of our Client, whose cooperation has proved to be a decisive factor. The excellent performance we report every day derives from the passion and skill of our people and the entire organization, making this a winning model of accountability.But what does “accountability” mean for our people? The emphasis is not on responsibility for the activities undertaken to achieve a certain result, but on the clear and transparent definition of the expected results and therefore of expectations, on which such responsibility is based and will be evaluated. The definition of objectives therefore represents a way to achieve accountability.accountability02 (1)This is the challenge that everyone faces: to make the company’s goals their own and so feel that they are the drivers of its success. With this model, customer satisfaction increases apace with employee satisfaction. At the center of it all is a heartfelt passion for customer service, which our staff expresses each and every day, driving our region to leadership in delivery quality and customer satisfaction.
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