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Aija Urbiņa May 14th, 2014

Excellent service month at Transcom Latvia resulted in a win-win for our clients and employees

At the annual “Good service month” Award that was held in Riga, Latvia on the 14th of April, Transcom won second place as excellent service providers in  the “business to business" category in Latvia. We are also very proud that, thanks to our expertise within customer experience,  we contributed to the win for several of our clients in the B2C category. The clients are rated by service quality - how excellent their customer communication is and three of our biggest clients got the highest evaluation and won their respective field. So the “Good service month” Award was a win-win for Transcom and our clients! Labsserviss

In March we also had an “excellent service” month for our employees as well. Every week was dedicated to highlighting one specific soft skill such as empathy, call control, communication and active listening. blogamm

All team leaders and product specialists had badges representing these skills, which they gave to agents who showed the most excellent example of these soft skills in their everyday work. At the end of the month, four of our best agents from each department met in a final battle, to find out which department would win the Quality Cup this year. All departments were great and the winner won by a very slim margin, with only one point more than the runner-up.


As a conclusion, let me show you some of the comments we received from our colleagues and clients during the “Good Service” month in Latvia:



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