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Sanna Tardell Jul 11th, 2013

Go Team Spirit, Go!

If you have good team spirit, you will probably work as a team. To prevent backlog, queues and to deliver outstanding customer experience, everyone has to do their best at all times. Groups that have a good team spirit will deliver good results because they fight for their team and their customers. But how do you create team spirit? At Transcom Eskilstuna, we think that if you are doing things together, get to know each other better, you will eventually find the right spirit! Also, the work that we do every day is not easy. We always have to  “think outside the box” to find the best solution. Therefore we want to make sure that our employees keep their spirit alive, and that they enjoy working with us. So this year, Transcom Eskilstuna is investing in teambuilding events! On Saturday it’s my turn!


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