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Sanna Tardell Aug 23rd, 2013

A great place to work

A lot has happened at our Eskilstuna site in Sweden, and we keep growing. Even though the goal has always been the same, we now speak only about customer satisfaction and customer experience and how to reach the top shelf. Our new “well-being team” here in Eskilstuna will help us improve even more. They will work with our staff, to make them feel great about coming to work. With the information they collect, we can make Transcom Eskilstuna a truly great place to work! In the picture below, you can see some of the members of the "well-being team" making a barbeque for all of us. It was much appreciated! The summertime can often be a busy time for those who aren’t on vacation. Many functions are not available and a common phrase is “we’ll deal with that after the summer holidays”. To ensure that work is progressing as usual, every function has a stand-in. It means higher costs, but we are sure that we’ll gain more and that the people who are at the office aren't overloaded with work. So this summer, it has been business as usual! Trivselgruppen

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