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Siva Subramaniam Nov 15th, 2013

Help us make them smile. Donate now.

By now, many of you, if not all, are aware that last November 8, 2013, the Philippines, specifically its Visayas Region and some other southern provinces of the country, was hit by Super Typhoon Haiyan (Philippine local name Yolanda). One of the main islands to experience the wrath of the typhoon is the Eastern Visayas province of Leyte.  Its capital, Tacloban, continues to struggle with the aftermath of the natural disaster with more than 10,000 people presumed dead and/or missing,  and with limited or still no relief and medical aid given. Neighboring provinces, towns and cities have fewer casualties but likewise suffer to a certain degree from the shortage of assistance because of the blockage of access roads and the disconnection of any form of communication lines. The Filipino Spirit of cooperative and concerted effort, more popularly known as bayanihan,  to help especially in times of need, immediately ignited after the disaster struck, and the entire country mobilized their individual activities to help the fellow countrymen. Transcom Philippines, having 10,000 employees, has also commenced a donation drive to actively collect food items and clothes to send to the affected area. You have to know a Filipino to appreciate how they think and act. There is never a bad time in their books. They count their blessings every day and rise to the various challenges with a smile on the face. The resiliency they show during adversity is second to none. As an international organization that is very proud of our Filipino colleagues for the way they contribute and support Transcom, it is time we showed some gratitude in return and show them we are a good corporate citizen of this world. I send you this note  to request from your generous hearts to help our colleagues in the Philippines help their fellow countrymen during this disaster. We have chosen to partner with Red Cross in the Philippines to send our donations so that they can use the funds to help those in dire need. Please find details below on how to make a donation to the Red Cross:

I know I am not alone when I say this. Our employees in the Philippines made us who we are and we are eternally grateful for their contribution. This is our small way of saying THANK YOU,  PHILIPPINES and we are very proud of you. Let’s help rebuild this nation, make it rise again, and continue to pray for all those whose lives were lost and those who continue to suffer, knowing that this too shall pass. Thank you on behalf of the Filipino employees of Transcom.  Maraming salamat po. Thank you, Siva Subramaniam Country Manager - The Philippines & Head of Sales - Asia Pacific

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