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Peter Tetlow Dec 8th, 2019

How to measure (and increase) customer satisfaction

Ask the right questions

There is no standardized process for measuring customer satisfaction since all companies are different, but the most common approach is to use a questionnaire survey. This is an easy way to get an overview, whether it be by phone, email, chat or social media.

A good general rule is that your questionnaire should answer:


  • How efficient your process is perceived to be
  • How quickly the customer was helped
  • The quality of the interaction

This is done by asking the customer to rate your survey questions on a scale of 1-10, or 1-5, and that will give you concrete data that can be applied to further develop your customer support. In order not to ask too much of the customer (and thereby increase the chances that all of your questions will be answered), we recommend that the survey have a maximum of five questions, which will provide sufficient information to measure customer satisfaction.

How should the questions be asked?

Standard questions, such as "How satisfied are you with the service you just received?" is a good start. But it is important that your customer survey also includes factors such as customer loyalty and the amount of effort required of the customer. For example, you might ask whether the customer would recommend your product or service to a friend or relative, or how long the customer had to wait to get help with their problem. Ultimately, the best (and only) way to truly understand the customer is to gather as much information as possible. In this way, you can draw realistic conclusions and get valuable customer insights.

Through what channel should the customer survey be conducted?

A common mistake that companies make is to be in too few (or the wrong) channels. For example, many companies today choose to go 100% digital, without taking into account their existing customers who may prefer a traditional telephone call over an online chat feature. Choose the channel that your particular customer group ha a preference for, something you can determine by asking the customer at the time of the first purchase. In addition, use customer surveys sparingly – they should present a simple, painless way for a customer to offer criticism or praise.

Optimize according to the customers’ expectations

The goal in measuring customer satisfaction is ultimately to understand their expectations. What do they actually want out of the customer service experience, and how can you best resolve their problems?

When you have the answers to these questions, the prospects are good that you will grow in the right direction and optimize your business according to your customers' wishes. The Transcom team has extensive experience working with proactive support and customer data collection to optimize and develop our client’s business models. There are many factors to consider when it comes to providing your customers with the best possible support, and we at Transcom can help ensure that your customers are satisfied.

A satisfied customer is not only loyal, but will gladly recommend your product or service to their friends and family. Since your customer service team has the most contact with your customers, they are important for your brand's reputation and a tool for increasing your turnover.

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