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Frank van Vels Mar 13th, 2015

How Transcom Netherlands uses role play to embrace good leadership

Within Transcom Netherlands there’s strong focus on personal development for our team leaders. As mentioned by Manuel Alcaide in a previous blog post: “middle managers’ leadership can make the difference between success and failure of services and projects”. Therefore we started with the first ‘Team leader Development Plan’ (TOP) half a year ago.

TOP consists of four training sessions on topics such as: Transparent Management, Feedback, Coaching and Time Management.  The intention of the training is: How can I apply the theory in my role as a team leader? Theory is practiced through role plays. To make it more realistic we have invited an actress to simulate difficult situations that can occur daily.

Coaching is another successful method that has been used between several training sessions. The aim of the coaching is to help the team leaders actually apply the theory in practice. For example, we looked at: Which part of the theory can be applied within your team? And more importantly, how? Because of the positive response, we've decided to continue with our TOP-project. Each month we will start with a new group. Fourteen candidates have already been enlisted.
Collage Transcom Netherlands Team Leader Development (TOP)  

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