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Monica Llagostera Aug 16th, 2013

Improving objections handling

In our center of Isla Sicilia, in Madrid, we recently launched an initiative to identify areas for services improvement, and to develop a specific plan to help our team improve our performance and create a better customer experience. One of the areas we identified was objections management. We have to focus on how we handle customer objections, pointing out to our agents that we have to rebut with energy, a smile, simplicity and effectiveness. With the aim of facilitating the exchange of knowledge and learning from each other, we organized a contest in Transcom Isla de Sicilia, to identify the best phone call with regards to objections handling, without considering the final decision of the customer. Each team leader chose a call from his/her team as an example of good handling. 

Transcom Iberia Objections handling contest

From left to right: Elena Luna, TMK Operations Manager; Amara Antoranz, winner agent; Ana Melgosa, TL winner; Agustin Romero , Contact Center Manager. Out of a total of 145 agents, 11 calls entered the contest. Amara Antoranz, agent on Ana Melgosa’s team, was the winner and was awarded with a digital camera. In addition, all the information collected during the contest will be included in the training programs to share the experience more broadly. Congratulations to Amara and all her colleagues for the excellent work carried out every day!

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