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Alan Girón Nov 22nd, 2013

Incentivizing and motivating for success

A company’s health depends in large part on its people’s skills and level of commitment. For this reason, we have developed a plan at Transcom Lima which helps us motivate and retain the best agents working on our sales campaigns. This past July, we launched a new incentive model with the objective of encouraging our best sales performers. We have defined three performance stages: Incubator (first 3 weeks), Cradle (weeks 4-8) and Tigers (9th week-) each of them with defined objectives in order to evaluate our agents' performance as high, medium or low. By combining two indicators, the employee’s tenure and the performance achieved, we obtain a scale of incentives that rewards up to 50% more to those who perform at a high level and stay with us longer. Since the launch of the model, we have managed to increase our sales by 15% and lower staff attrition among high performers.

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