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Crystal Chin Jan 18th, 2018

Increase Team Collaboration with a Real Time Communication Tool

Some of Transcom’s agents and support staff utilize Smart Team Communicator as their real-time internal team communication tool.  Smart Team Communicator is a robust tool for effective team collaboration between agents and team leaders/SMEs/supervisors by using pre-configured chat rooms, help desk chat queues, glances (ability to view agent screens real time), desktop sharing, desktop control, and broadcast messaging.

By utilizing this tool, Transcom has been able to improve customer support and satisfaction.  Agents are able to get real-time support, while engaging with a customer, which has led to improving first call resolution (FCR), increase the transactional sales rate (TSR) and reduce average handle time (AHT).  Positively-impacted Quality Assurance (QA) scores have also been attributed to improved SME response times and the ability to have one-on-one conversations between agents and SMEs in queued chat.

Below are some of the feedback we got from our agent satisfaction weekly survey:
  • I find Smart Team Communicator is very helpful to perform my duties as a Team Lead. I can see what my agents are using or the tools being utilized in handling their calls using the Glance. Sending updates and broadcasts had been made easier since we can attach file and links. Real-time monitoring can be done with the agents.

  • We can use multiple windows when assisting agents to perform multitasking as well as an agent will not wait in Queue. Glance is needed in checking if agents are following the suggestions or answers that we provided especially when it comes to troubleshooting.

  • It is easy to communicate especially if you have a question instead of standing and look for support just 1 ping only.

  • Team Chat makes my team aligned at the same with all the updates on processes and compliance required cascaded.

One of the pilot teams team lead shared her Smart Team Communicator experience with the client, she said Smart Team Communicator is a big contributor to the improvement of her new hire team's performance. Smart Team Communicator enables her to do her job more efficiently and effectively. Lastly, she uses the tool when doing the work monitoring and providing real-time feedback, giving updates and support to her team, reminding the team for the work action items and posting the team’s daily performance. The client appreciated her feedback to the pilot and happy to know her customer experience sharing. We will implement the real-time internal team communication tool after several weeks of the successful pilot and met all the success criteria.  
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