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Giovanni De Santis May 19th, 2014

Innovative solution developed by Transcom improved customer experience for a global pharmaceutical company

One of our clients is a well-known international pharmaceutical company that always has had very high demands regarding the quality of their customer care service. Early in 2013, they asked Transcom if we could help them excel in their customer service even further. The assignment was to develop an innovative solution that would provide a more personalized and caring service, and at the same time improve and enrich the client’s database with new information. What the client needed was a CRM system that not only acted as a repository for contact information, but that also could identify incoming calls. Transcom customized a solution for the client and our system has improved both the customer experience as well as handling times. Every call is now immediately identified by the system, which automatically extracts up-to-date information about the customer from the registry and a list of past requests. The average waiting time is reduced to zero and the speed and accuracy of the agent’s answer has also improved, offering the user a customer experience of superior quality.

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In parallel, Transcom has connected a new Trouble Ticketing application to the CRM system to manage communication processes with the logistics provider. Thousands of transactions are fed into the system’s report generators to highlight average handling times, unresolved issues and priority management, and to route the most difficult and delicate problems to second level operators. The application completely replaces the previous email-based management system, providing better guarantees of security, handling quality, archiving and order tracking. Our client now has stronger control and a better overview of all communication flows. Our client was both the best liked and the best performing company on the Italian ethical market in 2013, with a 10.5% increase in NPS (Net Promoter® Score).  As this is the second year Transcom is running the company’s pharmacy customer service, we would like to think that we deserve some of the credit, because with our enthusiasm and our innovations, we always try to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

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