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Linda Jansson Mar 5th, 2015

An innovative trainer that thinks outside the box

My name is Linda and I’m the value ambassador in Sweden for Transcom’s core value Innovation. I’ve worked at Transcom Karlskoga for about two and a half years. I started, as many others, as an agent for one of our client's retail support. Shortly thereafter I become head of quality assurance for the sound files recorded by our client’s telemarketing retailer. Since one year back I’m also a trainer for our business area.

Both the telecom and the communication business are fields that change very fast, sometimes overnight. For example; a few weeks ago one of Transcom’s clients in the telecom area launched something that literary changed the business and therefore also our way of working. All to provide outstanding custumer experience.

In connection to this big launch our client  conducted several events and training sessions together with us to prepare everyone in the best possible way - a way that made everyone feel involved and able to embrace all the new changes with openness and enthusiasm. As a trainer and value ambassador for Innovation, it’s my goal to get the agents to be all set and manage changes like this with an open mind and not least joyfulness. I always invite the agents to think outside the box, to trust themselves to make their own decisions and come up with new proposals to develop and improve for our clients and customers – to be innovative!


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