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Augustina Kliukaite Aug 28th, 2013

It's all about Outstanding Customer Experience!

TL Offsite is an annual Transcom Lithuania team-building event where all the Team Leaders, Business Managers and Training and Quality Managers from the Vilnius and Kaunas sites meet to learn and share their experiences, practices and knowledge, as well as get to know each other better and feel part of One Transcom.


This year, TL Offsite was organized in a very beautiful resort in Trakai. And it was all about Outstanding Customer Experience! Everyone was there, experiencing, learning and enjoying themselves! The goal of this event was to see Outstanding Customer Experience from a different perspective. Team Leaders were split into several groups and were tasked to create their own concept of OCE and to deliver it by representing different service providers running businesses in a fictional shopping and entertainment center named „Transkopolis“. A newly-founded grocery store „Tranksima“ invited visitors to try out a different shopping experiences.

Tranksima 1Tranksima 2

The doctors of „Transklinika“ provided medical and spiritual help to everyone in need. You could get vaccinated and receive immunity against all diseases or request that a psychologist build your emotional profile.

Transklinika 1Transklinika 2

A new view of posting and packaging services was created by „Transposte“ where everyone who had trans-money could buy postcards or get help to find a lost document shipment.

Transposte 1Transposte 2  

Transpuls“ offered everyone to try out different sporting activities, including yoga, aerobics and other group activities, as well as to have a relaxing head massage and several beauty procedures.

Transpuls 1Transpuls 2  

The extravagant 16-star restaurant „Translounge“ invited the guests to taste exotic dishes.

Translounge 1Translounge 2  

An electronics shop, „Elektrotransas“, was not only offering any light bulb you might need, but could also help you install an "artificial intelligence system" in your house.

Elektrotransas 1Elektrotransas 2  

Every group developed a concept of customer experience of their own and created a vision, mission and goals for their companies. They all had a „real life“ opportunity to deliver OCE to their customers (BMs and TQMs) where the BMs had a role of a secret customer or a client and were evaluating their experiences in these shops.


Team Leaders Migle and Giedrius on their experience in TL Offsite: Migle: The idea  was great. The experience we got while preparing for the task was very useful. This experience is very important in our day-to-day tasks and effective distribution of work to provide a positive customer experience. We realized that every client must be important to you in order to achieve your business goals. Each customer must be treated the same way - the unpleasant tasks cannot be put off. You must take action to solve the problem "here" and "now". We were assured that we always need to be prepared for all kinds of situations - not to be surprised that clients can be unsatisfied. It is very important to imagine yourself in the customer’s situation - would you be happy or unhappy? Also, we realized how important it is for us as a company to be reliable for our clients who are not afraid to give their business to us. Giedrius: This year, TL offsite offered us to get involved in setting up a company and delivering an outstanding customer experience. I personally was excited to work in a brand new team where members were selected randomly as we got an opportunity to meet and work with great people. Moreover, I liked the idea of the task a lot. Being able to create a company, its mission and branding required us to use our imagination and creativity. Also, we were challenged to serve difficult customers and come to decisions that were 'out of the box' so as to provide as pleasant a customer experience as possible. Thank you for your efforts, new ideas and positive attitude!

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