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Cristina Martinez Dec 2nd, 2014

Lean Customer Experience Journey

“Lean” thinking has many practical applications for reaching a goal, also in our industry. Today, I would like to talk about how a “Lean Customer Experience Journey” can be used to create a great customer experience with a positive impact on brand loyalty and a competitive advantage for any organization. Thanks to the huge amount of data managed in our contact centers, we are able to generate insights that help us better understand customer needs. This is without a doubt the key to making well-founded decisions when defining business strategy.

The Customer Experience Journey Mapping approach that we offer our clients – with a Lean approach to analysis, diagnosis and solution development – encompasses all Lean core principles and 7 wastes.

Lean Customer Experience Journey
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There are countless success stories on applying Lean principles in different fields. In the contact center industry, the key is to focus only on such activities that contribute to the creation of a great customer experience. We should try to eliminate anything that consumes time, resources, space and money while bringing no value to the customer. These are some of the principles that should be applied when designing the Customer Experience Journey Map:

  • Aim to have zero defects/errors
  • Avoid “over-processing” simplifying interactions as much as possible
  • Maintain service flexibility to be able to adapt quickly to customer requirements
  • Minimize “work-in-progress”, avoid interruption
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