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Martijn Steenbergen Aug 27th, 2013

MBO course in Groningen

Transcom Groningen celebrates senior secondary vocational education (MBO) program for contact center employees

This was the title of a press release we sent a few weeks ago. Since March 2012, we have been offering our employees and flex personnel of Unique (Transcom's partner) in Groningen the opportunity to take vocational courses for the position of commercial office assistant, specializing as contact center assistant. Tele’Train delivers the training.  On Tuesday 28 February 2012 Transcom and Tele’Train informed interested employees about the structure of the program.  Following this well-attended meeting, 20 employees signed up for the pilot groups, and we could get started! Joop Evers, Managing Director of Transcom: “Transcom pays a lot of attention to education, training and coaching as a matter of policy.  The fact that Transcom is now offering the 1-year MBO program can in fact be regarded as a step towards maturity. It will ensure that employees become even more aware of the competencies they already possess, but also that they continue to develop within their professional field.” Transcom's current education programs and training courses are being integrated in the MBO program. "We will be making the effect of the program measurable using various forms of evaluation", adds Haske van Aken, Tele'Train's educational consultant. “Not only the employees, but also the team leaders (usually also practical supervisors), will benefit from the knowledge and skills that the employees gain. The team leaders will learn how to support their employees even more effectively in their development and growth."  For employees it will be a year of intensive work and learning, which is rewarded by a vocational certificate officially recognized by the Ministry of Education. We started with 18 people and last April we were happy to celebrate that 14 people had passed the course. After a year of hard work and exams, exploring the Transcom world, everyone in this group was able to finish with good results. The successful cooperation between Tele'Train and Transcom Groningen allowed us to give them this opportunity.


In July, we could celebrate that another six people had finalized their MBO course. And in May 2014, we hope to do this again for another 11 colleagues.

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As coordinator of this project, I am proud of the achievements of the team and I am convinced that we now have 20 colleagues with significantly more knowledge and experience of the contact center world.

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