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Andris Ozols Jan 9th, 2015

My Career Story – from student to senior multilingual customer experience specialist

I have been working at Transcom Latvia since 2011 and I never thought I would be able to achieve so much in this company. When I first joined, I was still a student and it was a part-time job for me. It was my first job as a Customer Service Representative agent so I had to learn a lot about providing the best customer experience.

During my first project at Transcom, I worked with one of the largest TV Broadcasters in Europe, providing customer care to their customers in Latvian and Russian. When I had learned all the programs, it did not take long time before my team leader wanted me to join another project that had to do with finance and loans. Being part of this project taught me to be precise in every aspect of my work.

Approximately a year later, I heard that Transcom had won a new client – a global on-demand internet streaming network and that we were going to provide support and customer service only in Scandinavian languages. I had been studying Swedish in high school, but I never seriously thought that I was going to use it in my work as my language skills were not at the highest level. I knew that the requirements were very high. But I still thought that this would be a great opportunity for me as it would give a boost to both my career and my income.

As I was going to speak with people who are either fluent in Swedish or for whom the language is their mother tongue, I started to study Swedish at the beginners level.  After a few months I served our client’s Swedish customers in flawless Swedish. Then, I got a proposal to move to another multilingual project at Transcom Riga, where customers are served in Swedish and other Nordic languages as well. I was very worried but after some time, and with the help of my team leader, the support of my friendly colleagues and probably due to my customer care experience, I was able to develop my language skills to a sufficiently high level.

Subsequently, I was able to communicate with customers without any difficulties. After some time I was able to take on extra responsibilities as a Senior CSR agent, including  call evaluations, IT support for agents, training new hires, assisting team leaders, and much more. My latest achievement this year was to be chosen as a member of the European Work Council, representing our site in Latvia.

Thanks to this assignment, I was able to travel to Spain in June and had the opportunity to meet our CEO Johan Eriksson and many other people, who are in charge of Transcom, in person. My job at Transcom has given me a lot of great experiences and I have grown as a person. I am grateful for having this job and the career opportunities it has given me so far. I hope to reach new heights in the nearest future.

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