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Marie Fjällrot Nov 27th, 2014

My first Transcom Experience, is my new Trans (com) family

I grew up in a small municipality in the south-east of Sweden. The population is about 30,000 spread out in a large area. It is a beautiful place during the summertime because of the proximity to the sea and the archipelago.

But in the fall and late winter - not so beautiful. It is mostly dark and really cold because of the damp cold from the sea. During the fall and winter time you spend a lot of time talking on the phone with your friends, both because of the long distances but also because we don’t have to meet every day since, we have phones and (hopefully) good network coverage. And if it doesn’t work, we just call customer service. And now you probably wonder what we do when we don’t talk on the phone. I guess we are (like a lot of others) spending time with some of the most important people in our lives – our family!

I started working at Transcom AB in Stockholm as an HR-assistant in August. When I considered what to write in my first post for the Transcom blog (My Transcom Experience) I started to think about my hometown, which Transcom´s organization reminds me of in a way. 30,000 residents is comparable to the almost 30,000 employees working at Transcom. All employees are spread out in a (very) big area, and we spend a lot of time talking on the phone with each other and with other people, like supports, sales and not least customers. And we rely on the fact that Customer Service has to do an excellent job. And in the end we all belong to the same family.


And my Transcom experience so far is that Transcom as a workplace and as a “family” seems like a dynamic, encouraging and warm place where passion for your job is one of the keystones. It seems like people all over the world are proud to work for Transcom and that the company supports and challenges its employees in a really good way. And in an ever-changing business that needs to meet new challenges every day, innovation is extremely important.

But here at Transcom, it is not just a word, it´s a way of working and living. And the beauty with a family is that a problem that can seem overwhelming when you are alone can be solved with a little passion and innovation together in the family. And that is definitely my Transcom experience and feeling about the Transcom-family during this time. There is always someone who can help you solve your problem. And during the problem-solving you have the possibility to talk to a “family-member” from another city or country or even another continent. That is excellence, innovation and passion together with bridge-building friendship and the result is a trans-national family (Transcom). So now when I don´t live in my hometown, close to my family I feel proud to be a part of the Transcom family!

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