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Ángela Mora Sep 20th, 2013

New service in Transcom Concepción

One of the leading telecom companies in Latin America has chosen Transcom Concepción to outsource some of its telemarketing services.

Transcom Concepción Entel team

In May of this year, we began a telemarketing service in Transcom Concepción, selling home products (landline + internet + TV). We started with a team of 20 agents, and today we have over 50. Transcom Concepción has managed to position itself as a leading supplier in this context of rapid growth, essentially thanks to a recruitment effort that has resulted in a mixed team of existing Transcom agents and newly hired staff, both groups with a strong commercial profile. Since the very beginning, Transcom’s values and quality standards have been key to establishing a strong and consolidated client-provider relationship, and we hope to achieve new successes together.

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