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Silvia Fernández González Oct 3rd, 2013

New ways of recruiting the best team

You’ll never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Taking this into account, at Transcom we focus all our efforts on creating an outstanding customer experience from the very beginning: The recruitment phase. That is why we are always looking for talented people to become part of our team through different recruitment channels: publishing vacant positions in the local press and radio, on the Internet, as well as making agreements with academic institutions or with the ‘Instituto Leonés de Desarrollo Económico’.

Transcom training course in Astorga

Transcom recently started collaborating with Astorga, a city of 12,000 inhabitants. Transcom personnel delivered a local training course which the city council encouraged its citizens to attend. During this first one-week course, we trained 20 people, focusing on sales and customer care skills, contact center structure, and Transcom’s history as well as how we add value to our clients through delivering an outstanding customer experience. After completing the course, the participants became eligible for future campaigns at our Leon center, greatly simplifying the recruitment process. The successful pilot initiative has demonstrated that this can be an effective way to identify good candidates, while at the same time providing Transcom with an opportunity to share our knowledge and experience throughout the region. We plan to repeat this process in other locations in the near future.

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