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Adriana Tavares Jan 22nd, 2014

Nine months of successful multilingual technical service in Transcom Portugal

In Transcom Portugal, March 2013 was marked by the start up of a totally new project. After an intense month of practical training, provided by the Portuguese and Spanish quality Managers from our client, that transformed our main training room into a technical lab filled with electro domestics from 13 different brand families, we launched a new bilingual service for technical support.

Lab_transcom Portugal

For this customer we manage technical support and after sale in Portuguese and Spanish and Catalan.  We help our client’s customers to solve small  problems they have with their electro domestics or to schedule technical visits and to extend their machines guarantee. Since the agents have practical training in each electro domestic device, they will always have the most updated information to provide the customers with, no matter where they are calling from. This means that every time a new device is launched, the agents have full knowledge about how it works, as well as which might be the main technical problems that are possible to occur. As evidence of the customer experience we are delivering is the fact that the client organized a lunch in September inviting all team members to celebrate the Project’s six-month birthday! Transcom Portugal_lunch

So far, we can call the outcome of this new project a success – we have reached 100% of the client’s targets, including exceeding some of  their historical best results, which has opened  the doors for Transcom Portugal to implement new products and start a new cross-selling activity in 2014!

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