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Eszter Berze Oct 16th, 2014

Partnering with a client to expand in new markets in Asia

For some years now Transcom Budapest has been providing customer service for one of Europe’s top online travel agents. A highly specialized team offers assistance in 12 languages to the travellers who use our client’s services.


The online travel agency in question is expanding rapidly and Transcom continues to be its partner in a joint growth effort to conquer new markets. This time we are headed eastwards, working in a language that is unusual to say the least: Bahasa, the most widespread of the various dialects spoken in Indonesia, but almost completely unknown in Europe. Starting in July, this niche service is being provided by our site in Budapest after a careful scouting and selection process performed on a joint basis with our client.


This marks the start of our ambitious client’s peaceful invasion of the Far East, with the unconditional support of Transcom and the passion of our people for new adventures. I also invite you to read this post to know more about this successful multi-language project

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