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Linnea Forslund Nov 18th, 2014


My name is Linnea and I'm the value ambassador in Sweden for Passion, one of Transcom's core values. I work at Transcom Stockholm as a product supervisor and trainer. Passion is what keeps me going and it’s a big part of my work. When you are committed and dedicated to your job, and I love my job – then passion comes naturally.

To bring out the same feeling in my colleagues and those who work around me, my secret is to talk and have a good communication and to get everyone to be involved. For me it doesn't matter if you work as an agent, trainer, team leader or business manager - we all work together to give our clients' customers the outstanding experiences they deserve.

I like to always try new ways to connect with customers and to set goals that drive the support forward. One of the things that motivates people the most is the feeling that they keep growing and progressing, both in regards to knowledge and personal development. If I manage to nurture that feeling in our new agents and keep it going, especially during those critical first weeks with the company, then Passion will keep us going forward!

Take your Passion and make it happen!


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