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César Mesa Jan 20th, 2014

Proud of our team!

After a few months of significant growth, Transcom Sevilla now has more than 500 sales agents, 40% of which are concentrated in the financial sector, providing coverage to a major Spanish bank. We provide many different services for this important client. In November we launched a new commercial activity consisting in capturing extraordinary customer contributions to their individual pension plans, focusing on a specific group of the customer’s database. In accordance with the different motivational plans we perform in Sevilla, in this activity we focused on obtaining the first positive results in a few days. Our colleague Susana Pacheco has so far gotten the highest client contribution, the amount being close to the maximum allowed for tax-saving purposes. This achievement was acknowledged by our client who personally congratulated her.

Susana Pacheco receiving Transcom recognition

In Transcom we decided to give her a gift as a motivational measure and to set her effort as a best practice example for the rest of the team. Hopefully this will be the first of many such awards, and the implementation of this commercial action will herald our client’s success.

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