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Per Egil Bråthen Jan 13th, 2014

Red Cross and Transcom Norway obtained 15,000 new sponsors!

On Saturday December 14 it was time for the yearly TV show on TV2 Norway called "Røde Kors Artistgalla". It is a two hours long live show focusing on the work and different projects that Red Cross carries out throughout the world with the purpose of getting as many new sponsors to those projects as possible. And let me say: This time it was a huge success!

From left: Øistein Lund (CCM), Stine Antonsen (Projectleader) and Jon-Ivar Nygård (Major Fredrikstad)

From left: Øistein Lund (CCM), Stine Antonsen (Project leader) and Jon-Ivar Nygård (Mayor Fredrikstad)[/caption]   It is the fifth time in a row Transcom Norway gathers a lot of volunteers to answer all the calls from those who want to become a sponsor. This time we were about 160 persons from local politicians, football clubs, and schools and of course our employees and their family and friends. Local businesses provide other necessary things to make this event a professional arrangement. During the TV show our volunteers answered about 5,000 calls and got about 4,900 sponsors. In total 15,000 sponsors were obtained through Facebook, Internet, SMS and other media channels this weekend!

Representatived from Red Cross

Representatives from Red Cross[/caption] This year’s message from the Red Cross TV show was Together we help children in crises. The income from the sponsors will be located to help children and their families to survive in countries ravaged by war, conflict and poverty. Therefore Transcom Norway is proud of being a partner for Red Cross and we hope we can make a difference by this. We'll be ready for the next time!

Hanne Bjørnstad and her daughter

Hanne Bjørnstad and her daughter.

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