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César Mesa Sep 10th, 2013

Refining the recruitment process in Transcom Sevilla

Each day, society is becoming more and more digitized and therefore customers, thanks to new technologies, have immediate access to different online information channels. This means that it is increasingly difficult to close a sale on the first contact with a customer. The contacted person will most likely compare the information received by phone with information from other sources. This increases the probability that, eventually, the customer will end up purchasing the offered product via one of the other channels. So, in order to increase sales and gain customer loyalty, it is necessary to work from the bottom up or, putting it differently, to start working on this already during the recruitment process. The Transcom Sevilla site is specialized in sales campaigns for banking and insurance products, telecommunications and entertainment services, etc. We have attractive opportunities to grow in outbound sales, and have developed an action plan to redefine the recruitment process for our major clients, with the goal of reducing rotation, shortening the learning curve and, at the same time, developing staff loyalty. At the end of the day, we believe that this will increase quality and provide a greater degree of stability and efficiency to our clients.

A training session in Transcom Sevilla

When redefining the profile for new hires, the HR and the Operations departments were involved, cooperating with Team leaders and Product Specialists. It is important for our recruitment personnel to monitor actual calls in order to evaluate the customer profile we are addressing in each campaign. This way, we are able to identify the most common customer reactions and, based on this information, we can influence the recruitment process to focus on the right skill set. In addition, experienced Team Leaders participate in candidate interviews. Once selected, the agent is accompanied during the first few days of work by a dedicated team, helping her/him acquire the necessary knowledge and ensuring successful results. Through this partnership between human resources, operations and training & quality, we have achieved success in terms of expected growth, which translates into operating results in line with our clients’objectives.

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