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April Jewel "Jaja” O. Jarina Sep 22nd, 2014

The Secret: The Power of 10

I  have been in this industry for ten years, four top call center companies and five positions. I would have to say that I consider myself a veteran. Those years I’ve devoted to working and ensuring that I play my part and that the rest do theirs too. Things do not always come our way, and things are always changing. We used to say that change is the only constant thing in this world. And yes, I’d say it holds so much truth especially in call centers. Stress is an understatement and quitting is always a thought that never happens.

As part of employee retention strategies, companies usually hold lavish and grand parties with famous celebrities and grand raffle. What a joy, at least for a few hours. People get drunk, wasted and party the night away. Yes, it was fun. Don’t get me wrong, I think we all deserve to let loose. But when hangover strikes the next morning, we tend to forget the essence of why we were there. For years, I got excited with these parties while the true meaning of the celebration got lost.

Last Sunday, it was different. For the first time, I understood why I chose to stay and  why there was a need to celebrate. Ten years. Transcom has now been ten years in the business here in the Philippines. I have been here for just three years. I cannot take much credit for the success but I also felt successful. I saw the venue filled with all people wearing white tagging along with their family members. It was a sight to see. I had, for the first time, brought my mom to celebrate with me and the feeling was fleeting. It was one of my proudest moments. I may not have won anything but it felt like I gave my mom a chance to pin a ribbon on me on stage just by being there. It was heart-warming to build relationship with your bosses, peers and subordinates' loved ones. Felt like we are one happy extended family.

After ten years, four top call center companies and five positions, I knew what we were celebrating. The effortless major retention strategy, the reason behind the ten years of success and beyond and the tag line we unconsciously live by – More than a Team we are Family. Thank you for the opportunity of seeing things differently. May we have more of these to come J.

Transcom Iloilo: The Power of 10
Transcom Iloilo: The Power of 10
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