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Silvia Fernández González Aug 26th, 2013

Sharing our know-how to improve results in Transcom Leon

One of the greatest challenges that companies have to face in today’s business environment is the flow of information and knowledge. In an industry like ours, where client needs often mean rapid staff increases, establishing control mechanisms that ensure an efficient and fast transfer of “know-how” is critical. This is why we have implemented a training approach in Transcom Leon, with the objective of ensuring the entire team's alignment with key objectives, ultimately leading to the delivery of an excellent customer experience. During one week, and divided into four groups, the course participants - coordinators, supervisors, project managers and trainers - left their usual jobs and went back to school to learn and share experiences.

One of the teams in Transcom Leon training courses

The courses, taught by Transcom staff, focused on the following areas:

  • Human Resources: Organizational, Policies and Procedures Basic Management, breaks, Employee Portal
  • Training and Quality: Preshift, Quality Center, Internal Tools Knowledge, Monitoring, Call Calibration, Blind Monitoring, AENOR (Quality certification), Competence Management.
  • Business Support:  Management of internal tools and processing information to increase quality of customer interactions
  • IT: The way to address and manage IT incidents, as well as priorities and response times
  • Management: ABC Model Management and key business indicators

As a final exercise, each participating group had to solve a couple of business cases as a team and present their findings to site management. Later on, there were two sessions where all the solutions provided were shared among the different groups. With the completion of this training, Transcom Leon ensures that everyone has the same training and information and a general overview of key business processes. This way, we can also make sure that we can continue to grow our business while maintaining the the quality standards that we and our clients expect.

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